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We are D.C. Fashion, a cut and sew clothing contractor based in Toronto, Canada. 

Over 15 years of CMT industry experience in Canada.


DC Fashion Ltd. is a cut-and-sew apparel contractor based in Toronto, Ontario. We do industrial cutting and sewing for medium-sized production runs, focusing on knitwear and hospitality uniform apparel.

Our family-run business has been in operations for 16 years. We've built a reputation for reliability and care into the production of our garments with our long-term partners. 

Clients include notable North American companies, as well as influential Canadian fashion labels. 

Rigour, Respect, Reliability.

We take great pride in stitching each garment. Count on our friendly service, low minimums and competitive local prices.
Client service
Competitive minimums
Competitive pricing

We are a sewing contractor based in Toronto, Ontario.

Our Services

Industrial Sewing

Cutting and Pressing

New! Made-to-order Uniform Garments

We are collaborating with a Toronto designer to bring Canadians a new, made-to-order apparel program for blank aprons and crew neck t-shirts*. A premium and budget version will be available for each garment. Please contact us for more information.

* Colours are limited to black and white for t-shirts. 
Garment production that's closer to home. 
North American clients trust our quality, speed and service excellence. 

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

Our Clients

We've cut and sewn clothing for leading Canadian corporations, rising and influential Canadian fashion brands over the course of our operations. 

Our Tools 

Cutting and Sewing
Single needles machines
Double needles machines
Serger machines
Coverstitch machines
Hem machines
Cutting table
Embroidery, Embellishment and Finishing
Waistband machines
Eyelet machines
8 needle waistband machines
12 needle waistband machines
Regular and keyhole button machines
Iron press machines
Fusible machines
Keyhole machines
Bar tack machines
Binding cutting machines
Arm hold machines
Heat press machine

Our Factory

Our workspace that makes everything possible is located in Scarborough, Toronto's east-end. 

We wear the stories of the people who make our clothes.

Get in touch with us.

We're located at 49 Howden Rd. in Scarborough, Ontario.
By appointment only.

 647 988 3298    

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